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T. I. M. E. for Zambia
January 13 - 20, 2016

Two teams preceded Pastor Matthew Olson and Jon Gerstel to Zambia. Those teams covered the topics of Biblical Interpretation and Old Testament Survey as well as New Testament Survey and Basic Christian Theology; Pastor Matt and Jon lead two, three-day T. I. M. E. seminars in the areas of church leadership, church administration, and tithing.
The Training in Ministry by Extension
(T. I. M. E.) program was developed by Pastor Rodney Henry as an affordable and comprehensive training option for church leaders who do not have access to seminary education.
  1. Flying Into Ndola
    Flying Into Ndola
  2. Orphanage Volunteers
    Orphanage Volunteers
  3. Faith Orphanage
    Faith Orphanage
  4. Orphanage Building
    Orphanage Building
  5. Alpha (age 9)
    Alpha (age 9)
  6. Orphanage Dorm
    Orphanage Dorm
  7. Seminar Attendees
    Seminar Attendees
  8. Seminar Attendees and Pastor Matt
    Seminar Attendees and Pastor Matt
Pastor Matthew Olson (left) has served as pastor the Berlin Seventh Day Baptist Church for over 20 years. He has served on the Seventh Day Baptist Board of Christian Education and is currently a member of the Seventh Day Baptist Council on Ministry. Pastor Matt has also served as a short-term missionary along with his wife, Ellen, in the Philippines.
Jon Gerstel is a licensed preacher in the Berlin Seventh Day Baptist Church. He also serves on that church's Board of Trustees in addition to teaching Sabbath School and providing leadership at Unchained , a church-sponsored program for at-risk youth.
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There are just over 2,000 Seventh Day Baptists in the African country of Zambia, which is bordered by Zaire, Malawi, Zimbabwe, and Angola.
Zambia is a tropical country with a mild climate.
Pastor Matt and Jon stayed at the Faith Orphanage located in Kitwe (in the northern part of Zambia), near one of the larger Zambian Seventh Day Baptist churches.