Prayer Partners

Daily Prayer @ 7:00 a.m.
Check-in with Pastor Matt and pray where you are, or come to the church sanctuary for 1/2-hour of prayer with Pastor Matt as well as any other Prayer Partner(s) in attendance. 
Prayer Post
Every person in attendance at the church is encouraged to write a prayer request on the provided bulletin insert, and to place that insert in the offering plate; these are collected at the end of the service and distributed to our Prayer Partners.
Praying for Our People
Prayer Partners are assigned one or more pages from our church directory as well as a church Board or Committee, and are asked to pray for the people listed on those pages each day for an entire quarter. They also are invited to walk through Max Hall once each week while praying for our ministries and the people who meet there. 
Friday Evenings
One Friday each month the church holds a Prayer Service, complete with music, testimonies, and prayer time. Prayer Partners do not need to "check in" for this; simply come to the sanctuary and join the service.
Prepared to Pray 
Every three months (April, July, and October), we meet to learn new approaches to prayer, discuss barriers to prayer and how to overcome them, and to apply what we've learned "on the spot" as we spend time together in prayer.
Prayer Retreat
A yearly meeting, held on a Sabbath afternoon in January, where we will look at all the answers to prayers we've recorded in the past year and give thanks to God.
Personal Prayer Partners
You may choose to become a "Personal" Prayer Partner in addition to the other prayer opportunities made available to Prayer Partners. You can covenant with one of our leaders or one of the young people involved in Youth Fellowship or Unchained. If you choose to do so, you will contact your Personal Prayer Partner each week to ask for specific prayer requests for that week and to pray with them if possible. You can do this in person, by telephone, text, Facebook message, and so on. All correspondence is confidential, which will allow your Personal Prayer Partner to share with you freely. If you want to participate, let Pastor Matt know and he will arrange for you to connect with someone one-on-one.