Who We Are

Seventh Day Baptists observe the Biblical seventh day Sabbath (Saturday), the day established and blessed by God at earth's creation. God commanded that the seventh day be kept holy. Jesus agreed by keeping it as a day of worship. We observe the seventh day of the week as God's Holy Day as an act of loving obedience, not as a means of salvation. Salvation is the free gift of God through Jesus Christ. The Sabbath provides believers with a specific time to honor and worship the Creator. It is the joy of the Sabbath that makes Seventh Day Baptists just a little bit different.
Our History
As early as 1765, Seventh Day Baptist families belonging to the First Hopkinton Church in Western Rhode Island began to settle in the Little Hoosick Valley of Eastern New York.
The mother church kept in touch, sending Elder Joshua Clarke (1770) and others to visit during the next 10 years. From the beginning these pioneers engaged in worship and fellowship, with Elder William Coon as their spiritual leader.
In September 1780, the church was formally established with 32 charter members; the name adopted was the Sabbatarian Chruch of Christ in Little Hoosic. The first house of worship was erected in 1798 -- it was a plain building (34 feet by 34 feet with 12 foot posts), was lighted by candles, and was warmed by a large fireplace.
After the destruction of the original church by tornado in August 1822, construction of the present building (erected on the original church foundation) commenced in 1823 and the building was dedicated in December 1824. In 1801, the Seventh Day Baptist General Conference was organized, with Berlin member Stephen Maxson assisting in the establishment of the Conference's constitution.
Berlin Seventh Day Baptist Church Covenant
I. We agree to keep the commandments of God and walk in the faith of Jesus Christ.
II. We agree to accept the Holy Scriptures as our rule of faith and practice.
III. We agree to watch over each other for good, to the intent that we may build up together in Christ, grow in grace and a further knowledge of truth and be instrumental in bringing men to a saving knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
IV. We agree to faithfully attend the appointments and bear the burdens and expenses of the church, according as God may give us severally the ability.
Pastor Matthew Olson grew up in Rockford, Illinois; Lake Holcombe, Wisconsin; and New Auburn, Wisconsin. He was led to Christ in October 1979.
Pastor Matt earned a Bachelor's in Education from the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater in 1985, and attended Calvin Theological Seminary (Grand Rapids, Michigan), from which he graduated in 1992. His early work in ministry included time as the National Director of Youth Ministry for the Seventh Day Baptist Board of Christian Education, being a missionary for Seventh Day Baptists in the Philippines (accompanied by his wife, Ellen), and a position as Youth Pastor for the First Presbyterian Church of Hastings, Michigan.
Following his graduation from seminary, Pastor Matt was called to pastor the Seventh Day Baptist Church of Berlin, where he has served for over 20 years while also serving the community of Berlin as a member of the rescue squad and through his participation in various local organizations.

Liscensed Preachers
Craig Mosher, Jon Gerstel, and Kevin Bonesteel

The Seventh Day Baptist Historical Society is dedicated not only to recording the past, but to revealing its relevance to the present and the future. 
Society members maintain a repository for safe-keeping of documents, writings, records, and other material relative to the Sabbath and Sabbath-keeping Baptists; research the roots and history of SDBs; interpret the significance of the past for both present and future; and communicate this through books and other print media.

Berlin Seventh Day Baptist Church Cemetery
Southeast Hollow Road
Berlin, NY 12022
Very few plots remain at the Berlin Seventh Day Baptist Cemetery.
Inquiries should be directed to Superintendent of Cemetery, Paul Greene.